Barnfestivalen, Lerum 8 September 2018

Last weekend the city of Lerum invited all kids and their families to the 6th Barnfestivalen located at the beautiful Nääs Castle.

Food was fantastic even though the weather wasn’t. Especially our free food was highly appreciated and fitted perfectly into the concept of the whole festival that had a focus on sustainable ways of living and waste reduction.

ICA Kvantum Lerum provided us with ~10 boxes of super delicious ¨food waste¨ full of apples, cauliflowers, potatoes, onions, apricots and cucumbers among others. It was so much that everybody took their part for their family dinner and we could also fill some Solikyls (Solidarity Fridges) in Göteborg afterwards.

Our team provided music, fresh smoothies, short discussions and a painting corner open for everybody who wanted to depict their ideas about food. All of this helped to warm up the chill and wet weather.

We hope that not only the food was shared and spread but also the whole idea about food waste reduction. All in all the festival was a colourful and joyful event worth to pay a visit next year.

written by Maria and Radu

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Awesome Radu! Thx for the text and for reporting back on the event, guys. Looks like it was a success!

I’ll be posting this today on Solikyl’s website

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I don’t know why the pictures disappeared from the forum (maybe cause I changed the category?), but anyhow, we can see them now at the blog post: