Gothenburg community friedges

Hi all! I hope this is the right place for this question, I wrote on FB but it said cannot ask questions there and couldn’t find a ‘contact us’ on the website.

I am a student and struggling with the cost of life in Gothenburg, and was wondering about the community fridges in the city (particularly Gamlestaden as it’s the closest to Utby where I live, but others too for reference), should I go there earlier to queue? if yes, how earlier should I go? and are there any special rules for covid?

also, if I wanted to become an ambassador or volunteer, and I only have a bicycle, would that be enough or would I need a car?
thank you for your help!

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Hi Leonard and Welcome to Solikyl, Solidariskt kylskåp!
On websajt En I think you will find some answers in English to your questions. Gamlestan is open upcoming wednesday at 6 PM (to about 8 PM) and there you can find answers to your other questions. Welcome!

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