Intressant artikel om ekonomisk tillväxt och matsvinn

Ok, artikeln handlar mestadels om tillväxt och resursanvändning. :grin: Men det blir tydligt hur matsvinnet är en konsekvens av en tanke om evig ekonomisk tillväxt och onödig konsumtion, framför allt i rika länder.

Food waste, for instance, is just amazing. We grow all that stuff, we dump all those fossil fuels, all this liquid used, diesel and gasoline, and electricity, and metals, and ammonia, fertilizers. And we waste 40 percent of everything they grow. Because the expectation is what? That everybody should have strawberries in December, everywhere? No matter if it’s northern Japan or northern Finland, really, right? The expectations are quite ridiculous because we don’t need raspberries or strawberries in December. The amount of vitamin C is as good in any apple which could be stored over winter.