Lokalmöte Handels 24-01-2023

Solidarity Fridge Handelshögskolan
Internal Meeting

• Agustin Petroni
• Maria Jose Zapata
• Chie Inoue
• Iqra Haque
• Sofia Henriks
• Joakim
• Vivian Ambiado


  1. Recruitment of New Volunteers
    • How can we motivate more people to join us.
    • Responsible?
  2. Introduction to new volunteers
    • How?
    • Responsible?
  3. Internal Roles
    • Distributions, Pick-ups, others.
  4. Pick-ups scheme
    • Responsible for assignation of places?
    • More places
  5. Promotion of events
    • How?
    • Responsible?
  6. Internal Activities
    • Who is in Karrot?
    • Pick food
  7. Solikyl Basic Rules
    • How to handle food
    • How to handle Social Media

1.1 Recruitment of New Volunteers - Students
• How

• For exchange student, international students might be more interested in social
• For people that sign up for the emails invite them to an activity, fika, or
something like that.
• We can still do it during distributions but some people should be 100% focus on
• Responsible
• Exchange Students invitation - Chie
• Fika for new students - “Solikyl Fika, Introduction to the initiative
• (Description of the event in next slide)
• Recruitment during distributions: Agustin, Vivian (we can also change roles,
• Pitch - Vivi, Maria Jose
• Someone at the beginning or at the end. Stations for recruitment

Solikyl Fika: Introduction to the Solidarity Fridge
• Once a month: Try next Tuesday 31, at 16.30
• Invite someone from the big Solikyl group to introduce the initiative too - Joakim
• Still keep it casual. Don’t overwhelm them with that much info. It’s a very
flexible volunteering
• Book room - Maria Jose
• Coordinate with Hass and student union. Ask them if they can be with us during next
distribution - Iqra
• Presentation about Solikyl - Vivi
• Fika - Agustin, Sofia, Maria Jose (we can all help)
• Prepare e-mails to invite students and staff - Maria Jose, Chie
• Poster - Iqra

1.2 Recruitment of New Volunteers - Staff
• How
• Solikyl Fika - Invite them to the same Fika of Tuesday 31
• Think on more initiatives…
• PHD students could be a good target, informally inviting them - Sofia, Maria
Jose, Chie
• Faculty breakfasts - Maria Jose, Chie

  1. Introduction to new volunteers
    • How
    • Solikyl Fika Tuesday 31, 16.30

  2. Internal Roles
    • How
    • Picking up - Requirement: Have a car, access to the main Solikyl group
    • It would be nice to rotate.
    • Local Booking (for the distribution activities outside Malmsten) - Chie and Sofia
    • Once a month
    • Someone from the staff has to do it.
    • Promoting distribution, communication - Kria, Vivi
    • Arranging food for distribution - We can organize better if we gather earlier.
    15.30 from now on.

  3. Pick-ups and distributions scheme
    • Pick ups
    • Every Monday and Tuesday
    • We might need another place to pick up maybe on Fridays. More important for
    the distribution during the sustainability day.

• Distributions
• Every Tuesday at 16.00
• We meet from now on at 15.30. To organize and have time to pick stuffs for us

• Is that working fine by now?
• What do we need?
• More places?

  1. Promotion of events
  • How
    • Solikyl Fika
    • Instagram
    • Hass Instagram stories - Kria
    • If it’s a recurring activity we don’t need to let them know every time
    before the distribution.

• Who is in charge of the Solikyl Instagram?
• Can we have our own Instagram page so we can manage it?
• Important to know the basic rules for that from the big Solikyl Group.

  1. Other Internal Activities
    • Karrot
    • Who is in Karrot?
    • Should we remove the people that is not actively participating?
    • So we have a better idea of the volunteers that are participating.
    • Everyone understands how it works?
    • Should we all have a picture there so is it easier for us to recognize each others
    by our names during the distributions?
    • Who has access to the big group?
    • Pickup food for us
    • Meet at 15.30
    • Organize for the distribution
    • Internal events for us to meet each other 

  2. Sustainability Day
    • Solikyl Fika
    • Create activity in Karrot

  3. Solikyl basic rules
    Joakim was mentioning that the initiative has grown bigger, and therefore they are now
    becoming a formal NGO, more regulated too.
    • How to handle the food?
    • How to handle Social Media?