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Newsletter: Foodsharing fyller 7 år!

Väldigt intressant att läsa hur de växer som rörelse och samverkar med andra. Kolla nedan på engelska:

Dear community,

Just in time for the 7th birthday of foodsharing here you have a newsletter in your mailbox after this long break – a heartfelt and joyful HAPPY BIRTHDAY to us all! It’s incredible how time passes and which things we’ve achieved together. And of course this goes on: we have big goals and great ideas and 2020 will become a super interesting and important year for the commitment against food waste. Let us tackle all of this together then!

Enjoy reading the newsletter, the wintery Christmas and New Year’s time and we hope you can start well and fit into the new year of 2020! It’s wonderful to have you as part of the team!


the newsletter team

1) #ClimateStrike

On the 20th September and the 29th November, foodsharing participated in the huge international climate strike, as saving food is part and parcel of environmentalism. While many local groups contributed to the event with creative energy (a massive shoutout to all of you !!), our homepage featured a prominent banner encouraging everyone to join in. Let’s always keep in mind that saving food alone is not enough, and that it’s everyone’s duty– irrespective of social status– to actively contribute in creating an environmentally and socially harmonious future.

As we aim to expand our engagement in environmental activism, we recently joined the Klima-Allianz Deutschland (German climate alliance).

2) Foodsharing cities: joining together for more appreciation of food

On the 12th of December 2019 – just in time for the 7th birthday of foodsharing – is the official start of the ‘foodsharing cities’ movement. This will be celebrated for a whole week and a new participating city will be presented on every day.

The movement of foodsharing cities is aiming to, as part of the foodsharing organization, promote the commitment against food waste, going beyond food saving. According to the motto ‘together we’re strong’ this movement wants to achieve this by advocating the cooperation between local foodsharing communities, public services as well as other organizations. Cities in which this is achieved, will – just as the movement itself – be called foodsharing cities. There is also a catalogue of ideas concerning inspiration for activities as well as a ‘utility shed’ offering support to implement this.

At the heart of this movement is the platform Here everything is explained and every participating city will get a profile for presenting the activities and campaigns they have organized.

Do you want to take part with your local foodsharing community? Then visit our website!

3) Our IT team needs your help!

We have become a huge movement with thousands of people working everyday to ensure that our food receives the appreciation it deserves. And this is great! Our website enables us to save these tonnes of food before they go to waste. However, only very few people are involved in our voluntary IT department. And that is why we need you! You know how to programme websites or apps, or you have an eye for design? Great! Or you want to support us with beta testing, in our website support, or by writing texts for our public relations? Amazing! There is a piece of cake for everybody and even if your biggest accomplishment in IT was booting your computer this morning, you are welcome to join us - even if you are not a registered foodsaver! If you want to get an idea of what we do, make sure to check out this or if you are a foodsaver, check out this. Also, please feel free to share these links with anybody who might be interested to join us. If you have any further questions, please contact us at: We are looking forward to getting to know you!

4) Demonstration “Wir haben es satt” (We are all sick) and alliance “Meine Landwirtschaft” (My agriculture)

The workgroup political campagnes calls for participation in the demonstration “Wir haben es satt” (We are all sick) on January 18th, 2020, in Berlin.

foodsharing is supporter of the alliance “Meine Landwirtschaft” (My agriculture) since this year. This alliance organises the above mentioned demo during the “Grüne Woche” (green week) in Berlin anually. Carrying the slogan “Agrarwende anpacken, Klima schützen” (Go for an agricultural turnaround, save the climate), foodsharing wants to go out onto the streets for a sustainable agriculture and support the claims of the demonstration to the federal government.

Start of the initial manifestation is 12pm on January 18th, 2020, at the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin, Germany. We are looking forward to meeting many of you representing foodsharing and our claim to stop food waste.

Do you have some questions? Ask here:

5) THANKS to Print Pool!

We have new flyers! A small group of people from our graphic material and fundraising department have taken charge of the design, production and content of the new flyer, which will hopefully help us to advertise foodsharing on the spot. Luckily, Print Pool – an environmentally sustainable printing shop – have sponsored the flyers, posters and stickers. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

If you need any advertising material for your local foodsharing group, feel free to write an email to our department “Materialien – Verwaltung”, who manages our material:

Appeal and note:

Please use the flyers sparingly and purposefully to save resources. Tip: present only one/two laminated flyers for viewing at an information booth.

Visitors can take pictures of the flyers or register in an Infomail list. And if someone likes to take a flyer with him/her, he/she can pass it on if he/she no longer needs the flyer. :slight_smile:

6) Throwback: foodsharing festival 2019

This year’s foodsharing festival 2019, again, was a fulfilling and exciting event. Attracting more than 500 people, the Malzfabrik was our little community home August 16th to 18th, 2019. To awaken some beautiful memories, see this post post on the foodsharing blog, or on the foodsharing festival web page.

Now, 2020 is coming! To organize a wonderful foodsharing festival 2020, we need you! The orga-team searches for new (wo)men-power for: Program, finances, social media, cooking, logistics and more. If you can imagine being part of the team, keep those dates in mind: The first telephone conferences will be on January 12th, 2020, 8pm, and the first personal meeting on the weekend of January 24th-26th, 2020, close to Leipzig, Germany.

Get part of the foodsharing Festival 2020 group or mail to if you’ve got questions. Let’s make the foodsharing festival 2020 possible!

7) Coop foodsharing und SIRPLUS

Over the past months the connection of SIRPLUS and foodsharing was discussed in different threads throughout the foodsharing webpage. Now, finally, an official statement has been finalised.

Follow the link to the thread

Alles Liebe,

Dein foodsharing-Team.