Panel discussion at GU 28 Feb

Vi fick följande mejl… Någon som är intresserad?

Dear Solikyl,

I am contacting you in the name of the Social Science Environment Student Association (SSESA) as we would like to inquire about your interest and availability to participate in one of our planned events next week. Aiming to inspire the university and its students to act more sustainably, we are inaugurating a community shelf at Campus Haga for exchanging books and other used items on Campus.

For an opening event, we are holding a panel discussion on the topic of responsible consumption and sustainable living, with participation from two researchers, Thirve as a sustainable fashion company and the university’s FN Miljögrupp. Due to your engagement and possible expertise in this field, we would be excited to welcome you as one of the panel members. While we are aware that this is a rather last minute request, we would like to know if one of your members would be able to represent your organization and Food Sharing in Gothenburg on 28th of February 2019, from 16:30 - 18:00 with 60 minutes dedicated to the panel and subsequent questions, as well as a 30-minute mingle with foods and beverages to celebrate the opening of the community shelf.
Would you be interested and able to participate in this event? We would be happy to welcome you and are looking forward to your response!
Best Regards,
Kim von der Heide
Med Vänliga Hälsningar/ Best Regards
Social Science Environment Student Association (SSESA)
Facebook: @SSESAgbg

Kanske @Andrea? Har du lust och tid?

Det är ju hämtning på Ica Munkebäck på torsdag kl 18, så blir svårt för mig att hinna vara med på panelen.

Just det. Ingen chans att du låter någon annan ta din plats? :wink: Jag är lite trött på att vara Solikyls ansikte utåt i sådana sammanhang. Men kan ta ändå om ingen vill. De skickade diskussionsfrågorna iaf så det går bra att förberedda sig! :slight_smile: